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    Campaign (02 Jan 2018)

    Kellogg's seeks to shake off "old fashioned" Special K dieting perceptions

    KELLOGG'S is repositioning its SPECIAL K breakfast cereal with a focus on the nutritional benefits of the product. 'Powering You' by LEO BURNETT shows woman at different moments of their day from running in the park to practising a dance at a studio, alongside ingredients that make up the cereal. The aim of the campaign is the emphasise the specific benefits nutrients such as folic acid, iron and vitamin D can play in 'powering' women's 'lives, bodies and minds'. The ad launched on Boxing Day and will run across TV, print, outdoor and digital. The campaign will also see Kellogg's partner with retailers including ASDA, TESCO and ARGOS, as well as WELLBEING app MyFitnessPal and NECTAR to help woman track and measure their daily food and drink in-take.

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