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    The Drum (14 May 2019)

    Pottermore’s brand future unclear as content migrates to Warner Bros platform

    WARNER BROS and Pottermore are to pool their digital assets and resources into one brand, Wizarding World Digital, that aims to reach a wider audience that Pottermore currently does. The features, quizzes and e-commerce site of JK Rowling's digital brand will roll into WizardingWorld.com.

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    The Drum (10 May 2019)

    Warner Bros trolls Pokémon fans with deceptive Detective Pikachu movie ‘leak’

    WARNER BROS teased Pokémon fans by 'leaking' new movie Detective Pikachu onto YOUTUBE. Ahead of the film's release, the studio pulled a bait and switch by replacing the 'movie' with an hour and 42 minute video of Pikachu dancing. The video is tagged R.Reynolds implying the actor who voices the titular character is responsible for the upload. 'Pokémon Detective Pikachu: Full Picture' accumulated more than three million views in less than a day while the movie's TWITTER account rebranded to 'Detective Leakachu'.

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