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    Campaign (12 Jun 2017)

    Volvo "Moments" by Forsman & Bodenfors

    VOLVO has released a new three-minute film promoting the power of its safety features. The film begins with a view of a little girl frightened about the uncertainty of the first day of school. Her mum encourages her to imagine all the good things that could come out of her first day. The girl imagines the friends she could make and the things they would do together as well as where she will go later in life. Alongside these shots are short clips of a women multitasking in her Volvo XC60 as she rushes to work. She almost hits the girl as she walks to school, but the moment is averted by the car's emergency break system. Creative ends with the line, 'Sometimes the moments that never happen matter the most'. Forsman & Bodenfors provided creative.

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    Campaign (18 May 2017)

    Volvo's Cannes Lions champion 'Life Paint' film banned for being misleading

    VOLVO has had its celebrated ad for 'Life Paint', created by GREY LONDON, banned by the ASA almost two years after it was released. The ad promotes a luminating spray paint product, which aims to increase visibility of cyclists at night and reduce road safety accidents. An investigation prompted by a single complaint found that the video, which appears to demonstrate the glow in the dark effects of the paint when applied to a bicycle frame, was misleading, in that, for filming purposes the bike had actually been coated in a different luminescent substance. Although a disclaimer stating this was included under the video on the car manufacturer's website, it was not included underneath the video on YOUTUBE. Despite the ad winning top awards, the fact that it could mislead viewers into thinking that the paint would work as effectively as in the ad meant that it has been banned in its original form.

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