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    Marketing (10 Feb 2011)

    UNITE has re-launched an ad campaign against BRITISH AIRWAYS to promote the ongoing dispute between the airline and its staff. The in-house print campaign, called 'BA: United We Stand', shows three grounded BA planes with the headline 'Going Nowhere' and a half-page of text explaining the reasons for the dispute.

    Marketing (12 Aug 2010)

    HSBC has announced plans to extend its opening hours, increasing the number of branches open on Saturdays from 330 to 500, and prolonging opening hours for 80 branches to as late as 7pm on weekdays. However, UNITE, the union representing clerical bank staff, have objected to the changes, claiming the staff are being forced to comply. HSBC have assured staff that they will not be expected to work for more hours or less pay, and that those affected by the change have received a lump-sum payment of £2,000.