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    PR Week (30 Jul 2018)

    British Transport Police and Network Rail launch holiday campaign warning teenagers to stay off the tracks

    NETWORK RAIL and British Transport Police have released a new campaign aimed at preventing deaths and injuries among teenagers who trespass on railway tracks. It has been created in the wake of an 80% increase in trespassing over the past five years and is primarily targeted at 11-18 year old boys as well as girls and parents. The campaign is being rolled out on social channels including FACEBOOK, TWITTER, SNAPCHAT and INSTAGRAM and digital and outdoor channels, with coverage of the campaign and delivery of its key messages closely monitored to measure its efficacy. The campaign was created and is being managed by PEGASUS.

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    The Drum (24 Jul 2018)

    Emmi CAFÈ LATTE: My Perfect Blend by Things Unlimited

    EMMI CAFÈ LATTE has released a new campaign which highlights that 7 out of 10 coffee lovers prefer its products to competitor STARBUCKS. 'My Perfect Blend' will appear on the brand's INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and TWITTER accounts throughout the summer. Emmi has also teamed up with influencer coffee-lovers who will curate content for Instagram. Things Unlimited, part of TMW UNLIMITED, created the campaign.

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