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    The Drum (15 May 2018)

    Deadpool apologises for mocking David Beckham's voice but gets more than he bargained for

    TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX has rolled out another spot showcasing Deadpool 2, this time featuring football star David Beckham. The hilarious spot sees Beckham watching the original Deadpool movie which mocked the sound of his voice, before Deadpool turns up at his home and tries to apologise in several different ways. The campaign for the much-anticipated sequel began last year.

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    Diary Directory (15 May 2018)

    Empire unveils first ever talking voice-responsive cover

    EMPIRE has unveiled a talking voice-responsive cover to promote its partnership with TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX. The cover will feature the character Deadpool ahead of the release of Deadpool 2, and has a concealed speaker which will play one of 14 pre-recorded replies when a button is pressed. The interactive cover is the first of its kind. An exclusive pre-sale for subscribers will open on 15 May with a general pre-sale on 16 May, becoming available in stores on 17 May.

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