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    Campaign (16 Aug 2017)

    Twentieth Century Fox rapped for scary Alien: Covenant digital outdoor ads

    TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX has had two digital OOH ads for the film Alien: Covenant banned by the ASA for being too scary. The ads showed clips from the film and included intense moments when an alien mouth shoots towards the camera. The scary ads were displayed on large screens in central London meaning that they would be seen by those under the film's age restriction of 15.

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    Campaign (07 Jul 2017)

    Channel 4 and ITV ask you to choose between humans or apes

    CHANNEL FOUR and ITV have teamed up to offer viewers ads from the ape and human point of view ahead of TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX's War For The Planet Of The Apes release in cinema. Channel Four will air the ape side of the story while ITV will broadcast the human side of things at the same time tomorrow night. Viewers will be able to decide which side they'd prefer to view ahead of time with a voiceover warning of what's to come. The campaign was planned by MINDSHARE and Fox. 

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