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    The Drum (03 Aug 2018)

    TfL bans satirical funeral ads on the grounds of offence

    TRANSPORT FOR LONDON has banned a tongue-in-cheek campaign from Beyond promoting its low-cost cremation services, will writing and burial plans. The ads spoof products commonly advertised on the TfL network including holidays, medicines and wedding dresses, one ad sees two people on the beach carrying coffins like a surfboard, highlighting its cremation service is 'one-way' and '870°C'. TfL refused to run the ads because 'it is likely to cause widespread or serious office to reasonable members of the public'. The ads created by Kemosabe were accepted by other media providers and are currently running around London on electronic boards.

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    The Drum (18 Jul 2018)

    London women feel sexualised and ignored by brands, so TfL is offering free ads to drive change

    TRANSPORT FOR LONDON and City Hall have launched a competition inviting brands to create ads that reflect the capital in all its diversity. 'The Women We See' contest was launched after research found women in London often feel ignored, sexualised and under-represented by advertisers. TfL will give advertisers the chance to pitch for £500,000 worth of free digital and out-of-home ad space across London's transport network. The campaigns will have to challenge gender stereotypes and better reflect the diversity of women in the city, including BAME women, those with disabilities, members of the LGBT communities and those from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. The winning campaign will run early next year and is being sponsored by Exterion Media and JCDecaux.

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