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    Campaign (14 Aug 2017)

    Toyota Europe "Safe and sound" by Saatchi & Saatchi

    TOYOTA has released a new mobile app to improve driver safety among new drivers. The app blocks calls and social media notifications when the car is moving faster than 9mph. It can be activated by GOOGLE Maps and also connects to the parent and driver's SPOTIFY accounts so that the parent's playlist will play over the car's speakers when the driver is driving unsafely. 'Safe and Sound' is the last major work from SAATCHI & SAATCHI for the brand and is being supported by a two-minute film showing how the app embarrasses teens into driving safely. 

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    Nielsen (19 Jul 2017)

    Spend Analysis

    VOLKSWAGEN claimed the title of highest spending automotive business for Q1 by a large margin. The car giant spent £43.7m, over doubling its Q4 and Q1 2016 spend. Volkswagen’s spend was almost treble that of TOYOTA who took second place. Toyota also upped its advertising spend on the previous quarter and year on year to £15m, rolling out a multiple media campaign for its C-HR car model in January. FORD was the next highest spender despite decreasing its advertising spend both quarter on quarter and year on year. The American motor company spent £11.9m in Q1, investing less in TV, TV sponsorship, press and cinema compared to the same quarter last year, while increasing spend in direct mail, digital, outdoor and radio.

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