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    Campaign (25 Jul 2018)

    Mindshare turns out-of-office autoreplies into media space for charities

    MINDSHARE has created a free software tool which enables companies to donate their out-of-office 'media space' to charities. The Dooonate tool, currently being beta-tested by TOMMY'S, The Big Issue Foundation and The Cure Parkinson Trust, would offer charities a potential £51,000 worth of media space each day in the UK. It would be available to all Microsoft Office 365 users.

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    Campaign (16 Jul 2018)

    Tommy's "Together for change" by Tommy's and Mindshare

    TOMMY's has launched a campaign to challenge the cultural silence around the issue of baby loss. 'Together for change' by MINDSHARE follows the journey of an expectant mother through messages, tweets and status updates as her excitement quickly turns to grief when her pregnancy ends in loss. One in every four pregnancies end in loss, with half going unexplained. The campaign will run on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

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