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    The Drum (10 Apr 2018)

    Ford's wellbeing push urges drivers to address the 'elephant in the transit'

    FORD has teamed up with TIME TO CHANGE to raise awareness of mental health in its latest ad. The 30-second spot, created by GTB, sees two men riding in a Ford Transit van while a huge elephant sits between them. When the driver asks his companion if he is still up for doing something they had planned and the passenger says 'not really', the driver, noticing something is not right with his friend, pulls over so that they can talk. As soon as they start talking we see a weight lifted from the van - the 'elephant in the room' being removed. The work encourages people to ask 'is everything ok?' and overcome the stigma around talking about mental health.

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    Campaign (27 Feb 2017)

    Time to Change "Be in your mate's corner" by O&M London

    TIME TO CHANGE has released a new campaign by OGILVY & MATHER meant to shift attitudes towards mental health in the UK. The campaign is expected to run for five years and deals with different demographics in turn. The first ad, 'Be in Your Mate's Corner', focuses on the challenges men face when dealing with mental health. Creative shows three of John's mates coming together to help him through a rough time. They sit him down in the same way a boxing coach steps into the ring to fix up a boxer after a beating and show John that he can discuss his problems with them.

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