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    DecisionMarketing (08 Feb 2018)

    Ad for Tunnock’s tea-time fancy deemed far too saucy

    TUNNOCK'S has had an ad for its tea cakes banned by the ASA after complaints that its objectified women. The outdoor ad was placed outside an arena in Glasgow, hosting a tennis match between Roger Federer and Andy Murray, and featured an image of a female tennis player rubbing a tea cake against her bare thigh, designed to replicate the beginning of a tennis serve.

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    The Drum (06 Jan 2016)

    TUNNOCK has rebranded in England in order to appeal to non-Scottish consumers. Ads on the London Underground appear without the Scottish Lion rampant and contain the slogan "Tunnock’s Great British Teacake". There are no plans to rebrand in Tunnock’s native Scotland where the Lion rampart will remain.