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    The Drum (02 Feb 2016)

    UNICEF has created an animated video series to draw attention to the plight of Syrian refugee children. The first ad ‘Malak and the Boat’ will be screened at a London donor conference on Thursday and shows a child partaking in a dangerous Mediterranean crossing from Syria. Malak is the only survivor of a storm at sea and is shown in the flesh at the end of the film along with text imploring viewers to donate to the cause.

    The Drum (05 Nov 2015)

    UNICEF has unveiled a new film calling for action to help children displaced by war, natural disasters and emergencies. The ‘World Upside Down’ shows a typical British family enjoying a day in the park juxtaposed with shots of what those same children might be forced to experience if they lived in a conflict zone. The spot was created by Don’t Panic.