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    Campaign (12 Dec 2016)

    Three turns Ofcom boss into a caped crusader for mobile spectrum campaign

    THREE has upped its ‘Make the air fair’ campaign by erecting a cartoon superhero version of OFCOM CEO, Sharon White, on a series of UK landmarks including the TATE MODERN and BT’S offices. Three is hoping to raise awareness for its campaign for the regulatory body to enforce a 30% cap on the amount of the mobile spectrum one company can own. The company will also be sending a drone carrying a mock-up of White in superhero get-up to six UK landmarks. The work was created by BPL and media was handled by MINDSHARE.

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    The Drum (07 Sep 2016)

    Microsoft is partnering with Tate Britain to prove AI has a place in a world of ‘warm emotion’

    MICROSOFT is working with TATE BRITAIN to sponsor the artistic IK Prize 2016 and show off the applications of artificial intelligence. The prize is given annually to the team, company or individual that uses digital technology to explore art on display at the museum. This year the award was won by Fabrica for ‘Recognition’ which matches works from the Tate archives to similar looking news photos from Reuters.

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