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    Prolific North (23 Apr 2018)

    Sky Betting & Gaming sold to Canadian giant for £3.36bn

    SKY BETTING & GAMING is to be acquired by PokerStars owner STARS GROUP for £3.36bn. The deal, expected to be complete later this year, will see Stars Group take a majority stake in the business, with CVC Capital Partners reducing its share to 12% and Sky Plc reducing its share to 3%. The Canadian company has said that Sky Betting's Leeds office will remain a major hub of the business. 

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    The Drum (04 Apr 2018)

    ASA calls Pokerstars’ bluff over depictions of gambling

    THE ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY has banned a TV advert for POKERSTARS after it ruled in favour of a complaint about the ad's portrayal of gambling. A man sits at a table playing poker with his friends and considers bluffing at a crucial moment in the game when a voiceover begins to deliver a rousing speech encouraging him to do it, pointing to how we 'bluff ourselves' as evidence that the main character is already a great poker player. He then decides to bluff and stakes everything on a single hand. According to the ASA, the minute-long spot implies that even inexperienced poker players can easily win games by bluffing and could encourage reckless gambling behaviour. 

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