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    The Drum (21 Jun 2019)

    RBS sounds out millennials with 'Easy Wins', its first Spotify campaign

    RBS has launched its first ever SPOTIFY campaign in an effort to win over young customers. The bank will be paying for sponsored sessions, a paid ad to free users. The 30-second ad highlights the ease of its banking systems through a profile of NAF Salon entrepreneur Tammy Koslowski. She outlines the various tools she uses to slot banking into her hectic lifestyle.

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    Financial Times (19 Jun 2019)

    RBS appoints full-time chief executive for new online business bank

    RBS has appointed Marieke Flament to be the first full-time chief executive for its online business bank, as it prepares for a wider launch. In her former role, she was European managing director of cryptofinance group Circle. She will head up Mettle, the digital arm that focuses on smaller business. Launched in November, RBS plans to make it available on the app store in two month's time.

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