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    Campaign (08 Jul 2019)

    Comfort hosts clothes-swapping shop

    COMFORT is opening a pop-up shop where people can swap their unwanted clothing for a selection of garments donated by COSMOPOLITAN, Elle and OXFAM. The detergent brand will be cleaning pre-loved items with Comfort Intense and promoting sustainable fashion, while Sairey Stemp from Cosmopolitan and Molly Haylor from Elle will be hosting styling workshops. The pop-up will also provide individually priced items available without swapping. All proceeds from the 'Comfort swap shop' will be donated to THE PRINCE'S TRUST. The shop will be open during 18-22 July on Brewer Street in London's Soho.

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    The Drum (14 Jun 2019)

    Sky partners with Pitch to recruit underrepresented young people

    SKY has partnered with inequality campaigners Pitch to invite underrepresented young people to join its ranks as part of its commitment to broadening the diversity of its in-house creative teams. The pair have launched 'Pitch Our Stories', an initiative which will task youth leaders across London, as well as organisations such as THE PRINCE'S TRUST, to encourage young people to produce a short piece outlining who they are to Sky. Hopefuls are encouraged to submit who they are in the form of smartphone clips, short biographies and podcasts as a means to broaden the talent pool available to Sky.

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