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    Prolific North (04 Apr 2019)

    Über develops creative for new Madagascar habitat at Chester Zoo

    CHESTER ZOO has hired ÜBER to design and develop a creative concept to promote its new Madagascar habitat. The new immersive space includes a lemur walkthrough and it takes visitors through recreations of the island's habitat.

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    Leisure Opportunities (24 Jan 2019)

    Major openings planned for Chester Zoo in 2019

    CHESTER ZOO is adding new attractions as part of its multi-year, multi-million pound expansion plan. In Q2 2019, the zoo will add a new Madagascar zone including rare lemurs and fossa, part of which visitors will be able to walk through. In Q3, the zoo's Asiatic lions will move into a new dry forest and savannah habitat complete with raised viewpoints, heated rocks, a water hole and a sandy beach. As an educational charity, it will also run a number of exhibitions including big cats made from LEGO running from February-April, and life-sized animatronic versions of extinct predators, including dinosaurs and giant bears, running from May to September. Developments, which include a restaurant and rides, are set to continue until 2030. 

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