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    Exclusive (01 Aug 2019)

    THE NATIONAL LOTTERY COMMUNITY FUND has promoted Lynne Tinsley to the position of head of customer insight.

    Marketing Communication News (15 Feb 2019)

    The National Lottery Community Fund promote simple caregiving actions that benefit childhood development

    THE NATIONAL LOTTERY COMMUNITY FUND has released a new campaign by 23RED as part of its A Better Start program. 'Big Little Moments' explains to parents that every interaction they have with their child, such as reading or playing, can shape their development. It hopes to promote more effective caregiving from parents and caregivers to their dependents. DECEMBER 19 handled a year-long media plan for the work, which will roll out to social media, mobile display, owned, earned, paid for and out-of-home channels. It will also include partnerships and locally targeted leaflets and activity cards.

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