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    City AM (24 Mar 2020)

    New York Times buys audio news platform Audm

    THE NEW YORK TIMES has announced its acquisition of audio news platform Audm. The app gives listeners access to long-form news articles from publications such as The New Yorker and VANITY FAIR read by narrators. It will continue to work with publishers but articles will be recorded from the New York Times. It plans to run narrated stories on its popular podcast The Daily.

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    Campaign (20 Mar 2020)

    Women's Aid "The pattern of abuse" by Engine

    ENGINE has launched a campaign for domestic abuse charity Women's Aid Federation, raising awareness of coercive control in a print ad. The work appeared in this month's VANITY FAIR and features a series of abusive phrases in a hexagon formation. The centre of each reads 'When it’s a pattern, it’s abuse'.

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