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    Exclusive (26 Oct 2018)

    AHDB has promoted Peggy-Sue Elliot to the position of social media manager.

    The Grocer (21 Aug 2018)

    Spoof dairy 'Scrumptious' campaign back for second year

    DAIRY UK and THE AGRICULTURE & HORTICULTURE DEVELOPMENT BOARD are set to revive their popular spoof campaign for another year. The ads purport to be from the Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs, highlighting the qualities of dairy at a time when millennials are increasingly opting for dairy-free vegan diets. An additional £1.2m funding has been allocated for the campaign, which will be refreshed before its relaunch in October. Last year's campaign reached 14 million people and attracted 19 million social media interactions, with 8% of the target audience less likely to cut down on dairy as a result.

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