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    The Drum (13 Aug 2019)

    ASA bans Love Islanders' post as it cracks down on influencer posts that omit #ad

    THE ASA has banned an ad posted by an ex-Love Island star after a user complained it was not obviously marked as an advert. Olivia Buckland made a post on INSTAGRAM about a Cocoa Brown tanning product with the hashtag #BrandAmbassador in the caption. However, the brand advised her that in future all posts should use the #ad tag. The watchdog banned the post from appearing again in its current form.

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    Campaign (10 Jul 2019)

    Sky Bet ad ban overturned after successful appeal

    SKY BET has had an ad ban overturned by the ASA after it appealed to an independent reviewer.  The watchdog had originally banned the TV spot starring Jeff Stelling for implying that people with a good knowledge of sport were likely to be successful in gambling.

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