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    Campaign (16 Jan 2020)

    ASA tells Friction Free Shaving: shaving cannot be friction free

    THE ASA has caused FRICTION FREE SHAVING to temporarily change its name to FFS Shaving after it was claimed its name was misleading. The investigation begun after a complaint was raised by P&G, saying that claiming shaving to have no friction was not possible. However, FFS argue that it instead refers to ease of buying.

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    The Drum (09 Jan 2020)

    Southern Comfort rapped by ASA over Instagram influencer campaign

    SOUTHERN COMFORT has been criticised by the ASA after receiving a complaint that the alcohol brand used an influencer under the age of 25 in an INSTAGRAM campaign. 22-year-old Francesca Perks promoted the brands 'Shark Bite' drink through a post which has since been removed. 

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