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    Campaign (25 Mar 2020)

    Three 'Real 5G' ads banned for being misleading

    THREE's 'Real 5G' press and social media ads have been banned for being misleading. THE ADVERTISING STANDARD AUTHORITY banned the ads, shown in THE METRO and on TWITTER in August 2019, because consumers would interpret them as claims that Three's competitors were not offering 5G services of a sufficient speed. The campaign by WIEDEN & KENNEDY claimed Three has 'real 5G' in the UK because it has a significantly greater share of the network spectrum at 100Mhz, compared with the 40Mhz and 50Mhz offered by rivals such as EE and VODAFONE. BT, Vodafone, an independent consultant in mobile telecommunications and five members of the public complained to the ASA. The ASA stated that consumers were unlikely to be familiar with the technical specifications of 5G and would interpret the ads that competitors could not offer the same fast speeds.

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    Campaign (13 Mar 2020)

    KFC pauses finger-licking campaign amid coronavirus concerns

    KFC has paused its 'Piano' campaign following concerns surrounding the spread of coronavirus. The campaign by MOTHER launched two weeks ago and shows people eating KFC chicken before licking their fingers. 163 people complained to THE ADVERTISING STANDARD AUTHORITY about the spot as it 'encourages behaviour that might increase the chances of coronavirus spreading'.

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