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    Campaign (18 Mar 2019)

    Michael Jackson bus ads prompt 26 complaints to ASA

    TFL ran an OOH campaign for mjinnocent.com claiming Michael Jackson is innocent of child sex abuse, which may now be investigated by the ASA following 26 complaints. The ads, which appeared on London buses and shelters, included the wording 'Facts don't lie. People do.' and were criticised for preventing victims of abuse from coming forward. The campaign was launched following the airing of CHANNEL FOUR's Leaving Neverland documentary but has now been removed by TfL.

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    Travel Weekly (14 Mar 2019)

    Watchdog rules Rentalcars ad misleading

    THE ADVERTISING STANDARD AUTHORITY has banned an ad from RENTALCARS.COM following a complaint of misleading prices. An ad revealed it cost £93.86 for a five-day car rental with further text revealing an additional €84.13 'car hire company fee'. RentalCars argued that consumers were able to understand to total price by adding the headline price and the car hire company fee together on the search results page, however, The ASA said because the total price, including all non-optional fees were not clear as soon as prices were quoted, the ad was misleading and must not appear again in its current form.

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