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    Campaign (16 Jun 2020)

    ASA launches UK Scam Ad Alert tool

    THE ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY is launching a UK Scam Ad Alert system to help tackle fraudulent advertising on online platforms and social media. The system was developed alongside the Internet Advertising Bureau in partnership with FACEBOOK and GOOGLE. The participating platforms are Facebook, INSTAGRAM, Google, TWITTER, SNAP, TIKTOK, MICROSOFT, VERIZON, OUTBRAIN and Taboola. The ASA said, once notified, will promptly send an alert to all participating platforms with details about the scam ad and when it appeared on a platform or publisher's website. It will aim to alert platforms within 24 hours and those responsible for the ad would need to provide assurances of ad removals within 48 hours.

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    Campaign (21 May 2020)

    Kellogg drops Pringles ad targeting Joe Wicks viewers

    KELLOGG has stopped running ads at the beginning of Joe Wicks' daily 'PE Lesson' YOUTUBE videos, after the fitness influencer began aiming his workouts at children as well as adults. The spots, created by GREY and promoting Pringles, were removed after the ASA received a complaint. OREO has similarly come under fire for advertising on the channel.

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