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    Campaign (15 Jun 2017)

    Second BT Ryan Reynolds ad banned as internet advertising row deepens

    BT has had another advert starring US film star Ryan Reynolds banned by the ASA for misleading viewers with the claim that it has 'the UK's most powerful Wi-Fi signal'. Four ads for the BT Smart Hub were banned including a TV spot starring Reynolds which demonstrated the distance consumers could go while still having Wi-Fi access, and a radio spot in which the actor claimed the signal could 'reach the length of 12 London buses'. The ad received 61 complaints including from BT competitors VIRGIN MEDIA, TALKTALK and SKY. The ASA decided that the 'most powerful Wi-Fi' claim would be interpreted by customers as a whole-of-market comparison and not just between major broadband providers against which the SmartHub was tested by BT.

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    Campaign (08 Jun 2017)

    Broadband ads row continues as Sky joins the list

    SKY has had one of its ads banned by the ASA for being deemed misleading. An ad featuring Lego Batman promoted a Sky Fibre offer which claimed it was the lowest priced fibre including line rental in the UK. However viewers complained that Sky's offering included a usage cap unlike the majority of its competitors and this made the comparison misleading. Other viewers suggested the on-screen terms and conditions text was too small to read. The ad watchdog ordered the ad not been shown again after concluding that the offer mislead viewers into thinking that the claim was against broadly equivalent products and that, although the on-screen text was big enough to read, it was placed on a light background making it difficult to read. 

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