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    The Drum (27 Oct 2017)

    Tennent's Lager - The Night Bus by Wire Media

    TENNENTS LAGER hired Wire Media to help it launch a special night bus service in Scotland.The bus will be on hand to ferry punters around streets this Saturday between 8-10pm, with stops including Blood Bath Street, Yuckiehall Street, Arghoul Street, Water-Boo Street and Saint Vampire Street. Passengers will be treated to stand up comedy as well as an array of other spooky experiences in the larger brand’s on going campaign to serve Scotland.

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    The Drum (04 Aug 2017)

    Tennent's comes to the rescue of expat Scots on International Beer Day

    TENNENT'S has ensured Scottish expats living outside of Scotland were able to enjoy the brand’s lager on International Beer Day on 4 August as part of the brand’s ongoing ‘Here to Serve’ campaign. Tennent’s expedition team delivered cans of beer to Scottish expats across England and Wales who were unable to access the beer geographically and had been nominated by friends and family on Tennent’s FACEBOOK page to receive the lager treat.

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