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    Campaign (22 Feb 2019)

    Nisa unveils Pancake Day campaign

    NISA is encouraging its shoppers to make the most of Pancake Day in its latest campaign. The retailer has created point-of-sale material to promote the pancake ingredients which it sells, such as TATE & LYLE SUGAR priced at 50p for 500g or 55ml bottles of JIF LEMON & LIME JUICE for 50p each. Nisa is hoping to make the most of insights which suggest more than 60% of consumers will make pancakes for the special occasion, and many of their ingredient purchases are unplanned.

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    The Drum (05 Sep 2017)

    Lyle’s Golden Syrup reveals Great British Bake Off indents created by Iris

    LYLE’S GOLDEN SYRUP has released a series of five and ten-second indents to mark its sponsorship of CHANNEL FOUR’S Great British Bake Off. The seven indents, created by IRIS, shows the stickiness of the syrup in a series of scenarios that includes tins getting stuck to a worktop and how the syrup can be a quick fix for a beheaded gingerbread man. The spots will be shown during each episode of the bakery show and marks the return to TV advertising for the first time in 25 years for the syrup brand.

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