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    Campaign (01 Dec 2016)

    Suzuki seeks agency for model launch in Europe

    SUZUKI is searching for a creative agency as it prepares for the release of a new car model across Europe. The brand will continue to work with THE RED BRICK ROAD which is its lead UK creative agency.

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    Campaign (01 Sep 2016)

    Suzuki "#SuzukiSaturday - Ant and Dec" by ITV Adventures

    SUZUKI has enlisted the help of Britain’s favourite duo, Ant and Dec, for a series of ads promoting the Suzuki Vitara. The activity is part of the car brand’s two-year sponsorship deal with ITV. The 30-second ads, which will run on ITV1 on Saturday nights between 27 August and 8 October, see the popular presenters driving around in the Suzuki vehicle and picking up unsuspecting members of the public, including a bride on her wedding day. The series was created by ITV Adventures and media handled by THE7STARS.

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