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    The Grocer (30 Jun 2020)

    COVID-19: Superdrug is latest retailer to launch face masks

    SUPERDRUG has launched a range of face masks. The high street pharmacy is offering £2.99 reusable face coverings with three fabric layers that significantly reduce particle transfer and are completely breathable. They are now on sale alongside disposable single-use non-medical grade option, at £29.99 for a box of 50 or £99.99 for four boxes of 50.

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    Diary Directory (19 Jun 2020)

    Batiste launches Love is Love fragrance for Pride

    BATISTE has launched a limited edition fragrance called Love is Love to celebrate Pride. The product will be available exclusively at SUPERDRUG. The brand will also donate £30,000 to the LGBT Foundation. The charity will work with Batiste throughout to year to share values and support the LGBT communities.

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