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    The Drum (26 Jun 2020)

    COVID-19: National Trust for Scotland: SOS

    NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND has enlisted the help of actor Brian Cox for an appeal aimed at safeguarding the future of natural heritage sites and historic attractions. The TV ad debuted on STV on 22 June and highlights the plight of the Trust following lockdown measures. Cox urges people to 'Save our sealife, save our summits and save our stories' by donating today. The Covid 19 pandemic has created a £28m shortfall in the charity’s income for 2020 and the Save our Scotland appeal needs to raise a minimum of £2.5m to ensure the continued protection of the properties and cultural heritage in its care.

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    Exclusive (12 May 2020)

    STV has promoted Stacey Gray to the role of junior marketing executive.