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    Campaign (26 Apr 2017)

    StubHub "Festival" and "Machines" by Goodby Silverstein & Partners

    STUBHUB has released two ads running throughout the UK, US and Canada, that aim to inspire people to overcome the boredom of staying at home. The first 60-second spot, ‘Festival’, playfully tells the story of a man who finds love, family and fortune after attending a gig. ‘Machines’, the second 60-second spot, details a lead character who is made to regret his decision not to see his favourite artist when artificial intelligence turns on humanity. The tongue-in-cheek ads were created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

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    Sport Business (08 Feb 2017)

    StubHub delivers extension with Premiership Rugby

    STUBHUB has agreed a deal to extend its partnership with Premiership Rugby. 

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