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    Campaign (05 Jun 2019)

    Budweiser hosts series of events celebrating Pride in London

    BUDWEISER will be holding three events throughout Pride Month as it becomes a sponsor of Pride in London. Events include the world's first asexual event, the Ace of Clubs, hosted by asexual activist and model Yasmin Benoit. A range of limited edition cups has also been created emblazoned with the flags of the movement. 200,000 will be handed out during the parade on 6 July. As part of the campaign, Budweiser has been working with nine charities: STONEWALL, Bi Pride UK, The Mix, Transpals, Switchboard, London Friend, Metro Charity, AVEN and Blackout UK. All will receive a donation from the beer brand.

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    Campaign (28 May 2019)

    Stonewall "30 star moments" by Mr President

    STONEWALL has launched an ad narrated by Sir Ian Mckellen to celebrate 30 years of the charity. It uses its logo to highlight its favourite moments such as the overturning the rule that prevented LGBT people serving in the military. Mckellen will also deliver a spoken word piece for radio. HEARTS & SCIENCE acted as the media agency and the ad was created by MR PRESIDENT.

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