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    PR Week (15 Nov 2017)

    St John Ambulance and black cab app mytaxi team up to give first-aid training to cabbies

    ST JOHN AMBULANCE has partnered with MYTAXI to ensure black cab drivers are equipped to help in emergency situations in London. The initiative entitled Knowledge+, will see taxi drivers given first-aid equipment, offered training in CPR, first aid and using a defibrillator, and advised on counter-terrorism and security training as part of a collaboration with the former head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office. Taylor Herring produced two videos to support the work. One film sees mytaxi and St John Ambulance staff plus taxi drivers and members of the public discuss the new scheme, while another highlights the amount of cabbies who have been present during terror attacks or witnessed births in their vehicles.

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    The Drum (19 Oct 2016)

    British Heart Foundation puts Twitter's like button at the centre of clever 'Restart A Heart Day' campaign

    THE BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION has co-opted Twitter’s heart-shaped 'like' button for its latest campaign. Drawing attention to Restart a Heart Day, the charity is utilising Twitter’s autoreply function to engage users in the cause. A tweet from the official BFH account asks users to imagine they are going into cardiac arrest and to use the heart-shaped ‘like’ button to find out what happens to them next. 90% of users will receive an automatic response telling them they did not survive the imaginary scenario, based on statistics that less than one in 10 people pull through an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest due to a lack of bystanders skilled in resuscitation. Restart a Heart Day will involve a collaboration between BHF, ST JOHN’S AMBULANCE SERVICE, BRITISH RED CROSS, the UK Resuscitation Council, Yorkshire Ambulance Service and emergency services across the country, which will see more than 100,000 people receive CPR training in schools and community groups.


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