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    The Drum (27 Jan 2017)

    Square Enix Thor-ges Marvel partnership, securing multi-game rights to the Avengers

    SQUARE ENIX has secured a partnership with Marvel giving the games publisher access to the Avengers property. The company will create an Avengers game including all of the comics' characters, environments, and iconic moments to create an original story that gamers can play for years to come. More details on the Avengers game project and other games included in the deal will be revealed in 2018.

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    Brand  Republic (05 Dec 2012)

    SQUARE ENIX, creators of Hitman: Absolution, has unveiled a new Facebook campaign offering fans the chance to ‘put a hit’ on their social networking friends. Reasons for the ‘kill’ include their annoying laugh or big ears. The Ralph creation has seen a huge backlash since the release. The hire.hitman.com website and the official YouTube trailer have both been taken down.