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    Campaign (27 Mar 2018)

    Sonos pauses advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter and gives the money to charity

    SONOS has announced a week-long pause of its advertising on FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM motivated by concern over the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal. It will instead donate the money to digital rights conference RightsCon, in the hope that the action will help to promote a better digital ecosystem. It will also stop posting on its Facebook and Instagram pages next week. It is the third brand to pull advertising from Facebook since the scandal broke.

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    The Drum (28 Nov 2017)

    Sonos’ funky family Christmas dinner dance is a Deee-Lite

    SONOS has released a choreographed Christmas ad with help from music director Jason Koenig. The three-minute spot is part of Sonos' 'Reset the Mood' campaign to show how music, and the Sonos One speaker, can be an instant mood changer. The video starts with everyone sitting around and being unsociable at a festive party, until one family member decides to liven things up and asks Sonos using voice control technology to play 'Groove is in the Heart' by Deee-Lite. Suddenly, the whole group is up and dancing with no apparent control before sitting down and relaxing at the dinner table. The ad was made to promote the new Sonos One, showcasing the multi-room 'play everywhere' function. The campaign will run in cinemas, across digital and edited versions will appear as pre-roll.

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