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    Campaign (08 May 2018)

    Corona heads to a lesser-used media space: your email out-of-office

    CORONA has created a series of GIFs, with the help of Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, which fans can use in their out of office messages. The work entitled 'Wooohooo' is designed to encourage people to unapologetically enjoy their time off and celebrate time spent outdoors. Users can create a GIF, plus still images and video clips to share on social media including SNAPCHAT and INSTAGRAM, using a special generator. The work comes after findings that 40% of people feel guilty about taking time off work, 29% took less than half their annual leave allowance, 48% said their employer expected them to be available whilst on leave and 50% admitted to checking their email on holiday. 

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    Campaign (02 May 2018)

    Three creates brunch for guests to pet pugs and take selfies with giant rainbow poo

    THREE has announced it will be hosting a brunch as part of its new partnership with Snapchat, which includes the introduction of an AR 'Puggerfly' feature on the social media platform. Guests at the brunch will be able to pet a pug, dress their own dogs as a Puggerfly, and take a selfie with a giant rainbow poo. The activation takes place in London and Liverpool on 12 May. It lasts 75 minutes and entry costs £5.

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