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    Campaign (03 May 2017)

    Ronseal "Ronseal the weekend" by BJL

    RONSEAL released a new ad over the bank holiday weekend to win over viewers. The tongue-in-cheek ad break aired during CHANNEL FOUR's Gogglebox on Friday 28 April and featured Channel Four’s logo unsurprisingly encouraging viewers to relax in front of the TV, while a Ronseal paint tin naturally urged viewers to tackle their DIY projects. The spot by BJL will be followed by VOD ads where viewers will be addressed personally by their names. MEDIACOM NORTH brokered the deal for the ad.

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    Campaign (25 Apr 2017)

    Channel 4 launches 'world's first' VOD ads with personalised audio

    CHANNEL FOUR has introduced a new ad format for All 4 which enables advertisers to incorporate the name of the viewer into the ad's audio. TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX, FOSTER'S and RONSEAL have already signed up. 

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