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    The Drum (03 Sep 2014)

    SENNHEISER has formed a three-year deal with WESTFIELD, in both London and Stratford, in order to ‘boost customer experience’. The three-year partnership will see the audio manufacturer ‘be integrated into Westfield music platforms’. Sennheiser is also to collaborate with the design team at Westfield to work on the redesign of seating areas in order to ‘provide a personal audio experience’. The affiliation is hoped to build awareness amongst those customers who are music enthusiasts, ‘in new and unexpected spaces’.

    Marketing Week (25 Jun 2014)

    SENNHEISER is rolling out its biggest ever global campaign in a bid to grow its brand in a post-Beats world. Launching with a campaign for Sennheiser’s "Momentum" headphone range, the activity aims to turn brand’s premium headphone expertise into high-impact "stylish" marketing which will attract younger consumers. A three-day experiential event in Covent Garden, London, will feature a giant cube which highlights the personal sound bubble commuters enter when making their journey. The cube allows visitors to create their own sounds using everyday objects. Running from September to December, the second phase of the campaign will use paid search and banners to steer users to retail partners. Users can also upload their own short videos about their pursuit of progressive sound, with Sennheiser rewarding the best entries.