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    Campaign (21 Feb 2019)

    Scottish Power keeps Leith on its advertising account

    SCOTTISH POWER has retained LEITH as its advertising agency following a review handled by Creativebrief. RED BRICK ROAD, TBWA/LONDON and VCCP unsuccessfully attempted to unseat the incumbent.

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    AM Online (04 Feb 2019)

    ScottishPower launches ‘cheaper than petrol’ off-peak EV tariff

    SCOTTISHPOWER is rolling out an exclusive tariff to EV owners, offering discounted electricity rates during off peak hours (midnight to 5am). The SmartPower Green EV January 2021 tariff would mean the cost of charging an EV would be just a tenth of the cost per mile of running of standard petrol car. In order to benefit from the off-peak pricing, EV owners can schedule the charging with Scottish Power's EV charger in advance using a smartphone app. 

    ScottishPower also announced it would become the first integrated energy company in the UK to produce 100% green electricity. It has teamed up with ARNOLD CLARK to allow car buyers to purchase or lease an EV of their choice, book a home charging point installation and sign up to the exclusive ScottishPower tariff all at the same time.

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