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    Campaign (03 Sep 2019)

    Beco urges employers to 'steal our staff' and close disability employment gap

    TBWA/LONDON has kicked off a campaign for social enterprise and environmentally-friendly toiletries maker Beco to encourage employers to take on disabled people. The agency has created Beco soap products, which will be sold in BOOTS, SAINSBURY'S and WAITROSE, the packaging of which showcases the attributes of Beco's disabled staff members. This will be supported by press spots comprising of an open letter to businesses to recruit more people with disabilities, and outdoor ads near high-profile companies which will display relevant CVs. The 'Steal Our Staff' campaign also includes a series of films featuring Beco employees, personalised boxes of its products being sent to influential media figures, chief executives and HR chiefs, and social media activity. TBWA partnered SCOPE, The Valuable 500, Open Inclusion and VIRGIN MEDIA to compile resources and CHANNEL FOUR backed the campaign. 

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    Civil Society (13 Mar 2019)

    Scope appoints Mark Hodgkinson as chief executive

    SCOPE has appointed Mark Hodgkinson to the position of chief executive officer.

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