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    Marketing Communication News (06 Mar 2020)

    Voices from all the world represented in Santander’s take on the UEFA Champions League’s anthem

    SANTANDER launched a campaign featuring people from all around the world singing the iconic UEFA Champions League anthem in 35 different languages. Created by VMLY&R Brazil, the versions of the song became the soundtrack of Santander's sponsorship campaign of the UEFA Champions League, with the message 'When we defeat barriers, distances and differences, we become true champions'.

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    The Drum (06 Jan 2020)

    Ant and Dec stage press conference to set record straight on rip-off Santander branding

    SANTANDER has continued with its 'Bank of Antandec' series with a new ad featuring Ant and Dec as they face allegations of a copyright infringement. Created by ENGINE, the ad gives a behind the scenes look at how the brand is getting on since 'the bank of Antandec' launched six months ago. In a press conference, Ant and Dec insist their logo is a baguette, rather than a flame, before finishing by saying they are 'ready to rumble'. The work is set to roll out across TV, cinema, VoD, social media and radio. It will also run in-store and on the Santander website.

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