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    The Drum (26 Feb 2018)

    Samsung Galaxy S9 offers an answer for Apple's Animojis at MWC

    SAMSUNG has revealed its new smartphone the Galaxy S9 and S9+ which will offer users the ability to turn themselves into an emoji. The smartphone's camera features a Super Slow-Mo mode that can be set to music or Gif-ed to create a shareable piece, as well as making for a better experience for augmented reality apps using the front camera.

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    bbc.co.uk (26 Feb 2018)

    Sony phone adds rumble to games and films

    SONY has added rumble technology, originally developed for its Playstation controllers, to its latest smartphone which will play during video games, movies and TV action scenes. The new Xperia XZ2 also records in super slow motion at a higher resolution than SAMSUNG's recently unveiled Galaxy S9.

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