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    The Drum (26 Jun 2017)

    Samsung appoints Wunderman to handle CRM

    SAMSUNG has named WUNDERMAN as its CRM and loyalty marketing agency across Europe. The brand is seeking to drive better customer experiences with the agency handling strategy, campaign management, communications and CRM & loyalty activity. The account covers 17 local markets in 30 countries. 

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    The Drum (31 May 2017)

    Samsung to provide UFC's first ever VR broadcast as part of live entertainment pass for Gear VR users

    SAMSUNG has entered into a VR partnership with the UFC as part of its Gear VR marketing push. Those who own the VR device will be able to watch UFC 212 on 3 June for free as part of Samsung's new VR Live Pass. The tech giant also partners with LIVE NATION and X Games to offer Gear VR owners the chance to view live entertainment via 360-degree broadcast.

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