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    The Drum (23 Oct 2017)

    Samsonite: 360 Video Campaign By Rankin & The Full Service

    SAMSONITE has released a new colourful campaign showcasing its latest ladies handbag and business collections. The 40-second ad sees men and women fashioning their colourful Samonsite bags against a white background. 

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    Campaign (21 Mar 2017)

    Samsonite "The serious traveller" by The Full Service

    SAMONSITE has released a new campaign that focuses on the lightness and durability of its luggage. A 60-second ad, created by The Full Service, aims to appeal to 'the serious traveler' who is depicted in the ad as actually being rather silly. It sees people doing various things with the suitcases including throwing them, punching them and holding them in their mouths. 

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