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    PR Week (16 Nov 2017)

    Rail campaign aims to prevent suicides on network

    NETWORK RAIL has collaborated with the SAMARITANS and the British Transport Police for a campaign entitled 'Small Talk Saves Lives' that aims to reduce the number of suicides on its network. The work includes a powerful short film telling the true story of someone who tried to take their own life but changed her mind when a stranger spoke to her. It debuted on BBC Breakfast and will run on the three companies' digital and social media channels including TWITTER, FACEBOOK and Instagram. The spot will also air on giant screens at London Victoria Station and be supported by digital posters in all Network Rail stations. 

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    The Drum (24 Feb 2016)

    SAMARITANS has unveiled an out-of-home campaign encouraging people to contact the charity before they consider resorting to suicide. MULLENLOWE LONDON commissioned a series of portraits by photographer Nadav Kander which show people facing away from the camera. The accompanying print conveys each person’s hidden feelings. For example, one portrait contains the text "I think I’m going to be ok. It does feel rubbish losing a job, but not desperate" with the words ‘I’ ‘feel’ and ‘desperate’ bolded to highlight that what people say doesn’t always accurately represent how they are feeling.