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    Campaign (14 Aug 2018)

    More Th>n is hosting a play entirely in a car

    MORE TH>N is putting on a play in a car designed to demonstrate the important family conversations that happen within vehicles. Written by Bola Agbaje and delivered by Cow PR, the play will see the cast sit in the front of the car and audience in the back. The 20-minute long 'Papa Don't Preach' will run in a parked car on Drury Lane, London on 23 and 24 August.

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    Campaign (23 Mar 2018)

    More Th>n "Defuse the drama" by VCCP

    MORE TH>N has released a set of sponsorship idents for ITV Showcase Drama featuring the brand's fictional founder, Mordenn, defusing a range of extremely tense situations from various dramatic genres. The idents were created by VCCP and include a person about to be abducted by aliens, a patient flatlining in an operating room and a couple freezing to death next to a plane crash. Media was handled by VIZEUM and Storylab.

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