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    The Drum (08 Oct 2018)

    Facebook Live campaign to stream natural beauty of Mid Wales

    VISIT MID WALES will roll out a new FACEBOOK LIVE campaign showcasing the beauty of Mid Wales. It hopes to tap into the growing trend of 'slow TV', where viewers watch content for relaxation over entertainment. There will be four streams on four consecutive days from 16 October and content from the campaign will appear on social media profiles of partner brands such as RSPB. Populate Social, a specialist social media agency, and Nemorin, a video production agency, were appointed to run the campaign. 

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    PR Week (14 Mar 2018)

    RSPB comms head takes flight

    RSPB head of communications Alison Enticknap has announced she is leaving for a position with the British Horseracing Authority. She will become head of stakeholder and internal communications in her new role, reporting to director of communications Martin Fewell. Enticknap is expected to move in June.

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