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    The Drum (21 Jun 2017)

    RNIB invites Glastonbury attendees to take a 'Karaoke Eye Test' in awareness push

    THE RNIB will put Glastonbury attendees vision to the test in a new experiential campaign. Visitors to Worthy Farm will this weekend be offered the chance to take part in a Karaoke session with twist. Singing from a choice of over 100 songs, participants will have to read the lyrics from a screen on which the letters decrease in size in the style of an eye sight test. Special filters will also make the lyrics hard to read by emulating the sight loss effects of eye conditions that can be prevented if found early enough. The work, which aims to encourage more people to get regular eye tests, was created by CHI & PARTNERS in partnership with Muster, MPC Creative and Sunfly. 

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    Campaign (27 Jan 2017)

    RNIB appoints Maxus

    The Royal National Institute of Blind People has picked MAXUS as its new media agency. STARCOM are the incumbent. 

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