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    Civil Society (09 May 2019)

    Mencap CEO Jan Tregelles to step down

    MENCAP's chief executive Jan Tregelles is stepping down from her role in the autumn. Recruitment for her replacement will begin shortly.

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    Leisure Opportunities (30 Jan 2019)

    Mencap to set up 27 activity hubs after securing £1m Sport England grant

    MENCAP is aiming to get people with learning disabilities more physically active with the help of a £1m grant from SPORT ENGLAND. The charity will set up 27 activity hubs across England which will offer Zumba, boccia, walking rugby and more. To encourage people to take up the activities, Mencap has launched a Round the World Challenge, which can be accomplished by completing 100 hours of exercise. Participants will receive postcards to recognise their achievements on their 'round the world trip'. 

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