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    Campaign (12 Nov 2018)

    Rowse Honey: The Natural Wonder of Rowse by BMB

    ROWSE HONEY has revealed a dramatic ad focusing on the too-good-to-be-true properties of honey. Voiceover during the 30-second spot describes honey as 100 million years old and approved by the queen. It marks a new advertising strategy for Rowse as the brand attempts to navigate an increasingly health-conscious and environmentally-friendly consumer market. The ad will be supported by a 10-second edit, digital out-of-home and social media marketing. BMB created the work.

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    The Drum (20 Aug 2018)

    Rowse Honey: Wonder Bees by BrandOpus

    ROWSE HONEY has launched Rowse Wonder Bees, a new product aimed at children. The new product is naturally mild in taste and fortified with Vitamin C to encourage health-conscious parents to serve it up at breakfast time. The colourful squirty bottles feature one of two characters, Lizzy the Queen Bee and Whizzy the Worker Bee, and aim to educate children in a fun and playful way on the importance of bees to our ecosystem. The branding was created by BrandOpus.

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