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    Campaign (23 Oct 2017)

    Rowse Honey "The three bears" by BMB

    ROWSE HONEY has released a new ad which updates the classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears fairytale. Two spots created by BMB features modern day 'bears' which plays on the meaning of the term in gay culture - large, hairy and rugged masculine men. The humorous ads depict the men in their own cookery show filmed in their wooden lodge home as they create porridge using Rowse honey. The work includes three online episodes and a 60-second trailer supported by out-of-home, social media and print activity in the form of a cover wrap on STYLIST magazine. 

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    Internet (21 Oct 2016)

    Winter defence range from Rowse Honey

    ROWSE has introduced a new pharmacy range of products. Pure Honey & Lemon Sachets and Lozenges cater to consumer demand for natural remedies and are made from honey, lemon and vitamin C. The natural products are available now at both pharmacies and retailers.

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