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    The Drum (16 May 2017)

    Renault investigates what happens ‘Behind Car Doors’ of Instagram parents

    RENAULT has presented a frank view of how its latest Scenic model handles daily family life. ‘Behind Car Doors', by MSL GROUP and PUBLICIS, shows the results of parents and Instagrammers Mother Pukka and Father of Daughters' participation in a year-long experiment in which family interactions are recorded on dash cams and mounted cameras. The campaign aims to show the spread of distracting smart devices and how the car has replaced the dining table for family interactions.

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    The Drum (02 May 2017)

    Renault’s Dream Cradle rocks babies to sleep

    RENAULT has teamed up with babycare experts CHICCO to create a cradle which rocks babies to sleep through simulating the motions of riding in the back of one of its cars. The bed will be available across the globe in early 2018.

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