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    Campaign (15 Jun 2020)

    COVID-19: Publicis.Poke unveils Dacia ad filmed entirely in Tel Aviv flat

    DACIA has launched a do-it-yourself TV spot highlighting the power of innovation in creating ads during the coronavirus pandemic. The ad by PUBLICIS.POKE was filmed in a flat in Tel Aviv, Israel. It starts as a typical car spot as it drives through the night, before zooming out to reveal the resourceful production behind the film. A miniature model of the car is shown driving against a laptop background while a hairdryer and other devices provide road-like background noises. The campaign launched on 15 June.

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    Financial Times (15 May 2020)

    Nissan in talks to build Renault models at Sunderland plant

    NISSAN is in talks to shift production of two RENAULT models from Spain to its Sunderland plant. The move will secure thousands of British manufacturing jobs and signals the Japanese carmaker's long-term commitment to the UK's largest car factory. The Renault Kadjar and Captur models are set to move as part of a global overhaul of operations. Nissan is preparing the cut a fifth of its global production capacity and reshuffle its manufacturing operations to stem a profit drain that has been accelerated by the coronavirus crisis.

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