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    Campaign (15 Feb 2017)

    Renault 'As unexpected as life' by Publicis Conseil

    RENAULT has launched a new global campaign with the help of Publicis Conseil. A 60-second ad sees a man driving through a desert in Renault cars, smashing through billboards which represent various unexpected challenges that are posed on his 'road of life', such as winning over the woman that has caught his eye and becoming a father. Each time the car makes it through the other side of an obstacle it transforms into a different Renault model, with the ad showcasing the manufacturer's entire range. The work will run across TV, outdoor, digital, and digital outdoor in France before rolling out worldwide. 

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    Campaign (26 Oct 2016)

    Renault Sport "Clio RS 16" by We Are Social

    RENAULT SPORT has released a new ad for its Clio RS. The short film begins with an image of a Renault Formula 1 race car before following the story of a man who daydreams about the life he would have if only he were a Formula 1 driver. While the man cannot become a real race car driver, he can have a very similar experience driving the new Clio RS 16. The ad by WE ARE SOCIAL celebrates Renault Sport’s 40th anniversary and return to Formula 1, and is accompanied by a new FACEBOOK page and YOUTUBE channel for the brand.

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