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    Campaign (05 Apr 2019)

    Honda "Powered by Honda" by Digitas UK

    HONDA has launched a 60-second animated ad created by DIGITAS. It focuses on the brand's role in Formula One and brings back the 'Powered by Honda' strapline that ran on F1 cars between 1988 and 1992. It sees motorbikes, lawn mowers, speed boats, aircraft and performance cars racing on an F1 track, demonstrating the variety of Honda power units. The vehicles finally morph back into RED BULL and Toro Russo F1 cars before the animation merges into real footage. 

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    The Drum (17 Jan 2019)

    Red Bull cautioned by ASA for suggesting the energy drink aids concentration

    RED BULL has received a caution from the ASA after it launched an ad to promote its '4PM Finish Day' on 14 September. The London Underground poster campaign featured a poem which suggested drinking Red Bull would help tackle work tasks, before promoting its 4PM Finish initiative. Complainants questioned whether the ad's copy implied that its energy drinks has a beneficial effect on focus and concentration. Despite Red Bull arguing that the ad did not depict an imagery of people drinking red bull or suggest its drink delivered a health benefit, the ASA deemed the copy insinuated a health benefit, one which was not supposed by an authorised health claim. The ad cannot appear again in its current form.

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