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    Campaign (11 May 2018)

    Red Bull seeks ad agency to create global social incubator campaign

    RED BULL has kicked off a global advertising review for its incubator program for social entrepreneurs, Amaphiko. The program launched in 2014 and is designed to connect candidates with successful entrepreneurs and innovators, allowing people to make positive change in their communities. Red Bull has already held chemistry meetings with several agencies, and pitches are due to take place later this month. The appointed agency will be tasked with creating 3 global ad campaigns promoting the program over a nine-month period.

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    The Drum (21 Feb 2018)

    Red Bull escapes ASA ban following complaints around 'false health claims'

    RED BULL has avoided an ad ban from the ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY after the watchdog ruled against upholding complaints that Red Bull campaigns made false health claims. One of the spots in question included two mobile phones complaining about abandonment by their owners, who had opted for exercise and fresh air, claiming that Red Bull was at fault because 'it vitalises body and mind'. The other featured a man playing chess against a robot, who cried foul when his human opponent began drinking Red Bull. The company claimed the ads were 'fantastical' and would not be taken literally by consumers.

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