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    Campaign (12 Nov 2019)

    Piccadilly Lights to raise awareness of 'purple pound'

    ARGOS and SAINSBURY'S are among brands showing their support of '#PurpleTuesday', a day designed to raise awareness of the accessibility issues faced by disable people. The retailers are trialling 'Sunflower Hour', a designated time their stores will have a calmer environment. They will also offer sunflower lanyards to those who might require extra assistance. Additionally, an ad ran on London's Piccadilly Lights highlighting the key facts of the 'purple pound' such as the fact that disabled people and their families have a spending power of £249bn but less than 10% of businesses consider disability in their strategic planning. The RNIB has called on advertisers to include audio description in their ads, something that PROCTER & GAMBLE, ASDA and M&S have committed to. 

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    The Grocer (28 Oct 2019)

    P&G announces move to cut 9,000 tonnes of plastic from supply chain

    PROCTER & GAMBLE has announced it will remove 9000 tonnes of plastic every year from its supply chain. The move will roll out early 2020.

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