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    The Drum (05 Aug 2019)

    Herbal Essences plants wildflower seeds in billboards to help save butterfly population

    HERBAL ESSENCES has created billboards embedded with wildflower seeds to help strengthen the dwindling population of butterflies. The billboards are located across London, in places like Kentish Town and Clapton, and designed with over 3,000 detachable leaves. Each is filled with seeds that the public can remove and plant at home, with the aim to grow 36,000 plants through the project. The brand has also announced a partnership with Kew Gardens to bring back its iconic in-shower moment.

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    The Drum (29 Jul 2019)

    Pantene encourages people to celebrate their grey hair

    PANTENE launched a campaign to inspire people to embrace their grey hairs, using celebrities and micro-influencers to spread the message. An unbranded billboard ad in WESTFIELD LONDON kicked off the activity featuring grey-haired models and common negative perceptions. The next day Pantene was revealed as the brand behind the message sparking conversation across social media channels. The work will run across print, social and YOUTUBE videos. It was developed by GREY LONDON, Publicis Media and KETCHUM LONDON, falls under the brand’s new ‘Power of Hair’ ethos.

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